One Heart

In November of 2011 the sky fell on Happy Valley. LaVar Arrington, a Penn State football legend, came to speak to his shocked university at a candlelight vigil in honor of the victims of horrible crimes. "At Penn State, we all have great memories, great stories," he told a sea of thousands. "Let's make this the greatest story ever told." One Heart is an organization formed by Penn State students to stand against child abuse through both fundraising and educational campaigns. Rather than move on from the atrocities of our past, we will move forward and dedicate ourselves to protecting and bettering our second home. Help us finish this story. Join the fight against child abuse. Meetings at the UP Campus every Wednesday at 7:30 in 106 Boucke. Email us at

One of the cooler moments of the football game last week: The very cool RAM Squad supported the cause, and then danced the very cool Nittany Lion to Gangnam Style. Shout out to dancing fool Joey Bonez for the picture he tweeted. It’s got to be one of the best pictures ever taken with the Lion. 

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